Who Is Gabe Gabrielsen?

Gabe Gabrielsen is a dynamic individual ...

enlisting in the United States Air Force at seventeen he Aimed High and earned a commission as a USAF Officer.  During his fantastic 20 plus year military career he spent 13 years overseas in Europe and South East Asia.

Gabe was fortunate to work with a variety of high ranking and senior government officials on several politically sensitive initiatives.  He developed a keen understanding of responsible leadership and government.  Working with the best and brightest Gabe absorbed the lessons he learned like a sponge.

After retiring from the USAF, Gabe went on to pursue a career in public service as a County Administrator. He served two counties in two states.  During his extraordinary time in local government Gabe oversaw the privatization of government functions, the recovery efforts of a FEMA disaster, the construction of several public facilities and the total restoration of an historic Government Center.  Most important he helped initiate significant economic growth in the communities he served.

Today Gabe is the author of three award winning books:

Fifty Fascinating Stories ... that will Change Your Life and the Way You Think,

Combating Professional Stupidity, and

Pearls of Wisdom ... the Unofficial Guide for Public Officials

Local Government Resources is a nation wide consulting firm that  assist local public officials, community leaders and business professionals enhance their personal productivity and increase their professional impact.

Businesses and Professional Associations, Chambers of Commerce as well as Government and Trade Organizations  Commerce often schedule Gabe Gabrielsen when they want content-driven fun-filled, professional development programs for their conferences, conventions, annual meetings and special events. Event and meeting planners are always glad they scheduled Gabe, his high-impact, reality-based keynotes, workshops or seminars  educate, entertain and inspire their audience.

 Gabe can be reached at 800-274-SPKR {7757} or  by email at  localgovt@betterpublicofficials.com