What People Say About Gabe's Fascinating Stories

Wow! It's really nice to read your uplifting and motivational stories, especially the ones based on real people. Just so you know I've shared several of your stories with co-workers for encouragement and motivation. They really like reading them too.
Rachel Lewis
Regional Planner, Stark County Planning Commission, OH

Gabe,I think this is the best one yet! Keep'm coming.

Bobbi Allison
Deputy Mayor, Eatonville, WA

Appreciate your stories. Kept waiting for a different twist. The endings are like a Paul Harvey story. We often overlook what we assume to be "common."
Linda Kauffman
Administrator Village of Fairfax, OH

With times being what they are; and many days of negative media, your short stories are a ray of sunshine from the miserable forecast. Keep telling people the good things; it's important. -- Everyone needs that in some form or another. Again thanks.
Randy Westfall

Mayor Valley View, OH

I love your stories. Thank you for sharing them.
Billie Turner

Ex Director, Stanton Chamber of Commerce, CA

I found your stories of value--stories like yours teach us all to think.
Tera Sagen
Group Sales Mngr, Country Springs Hotel, Milwaukee WI

Very much enjoyed your stories – they are valuable – I will share them with others so they, too, can have a difference in their lives.
Kevin King
Executive VP Realtors Association of WI

Gabe, I am not the biggest fan of stories but they are
pretty moving none-the-less. Keep them coming!
 Amanda Hauschildt
Hyatt Regency, Minneapolis, MN

Thank you Gabe. I enjoy your stories and this one was particularly good.
Eric Keck
Credential Advisory Board, ICMA

Thank you Gabe. Your positive stories help me start my day right.
James Fisher
City Manager, Murphy, TX

I read your story - expecting it to be less than proclaimed. I was delighted to be wrong.
Tim Josi
Tillamook County Commissioner, Tillamook, OR