Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Is It Okay To Lie?

Two elderly gentlemen were admitted to a long-term care facility and were assigned roommates.  One injured in a car accident was not expected to live long; the other had advanced heart disease and had just undergone triple bypass surgery. 

In addition to his life-threatening injuries, the car accident victim was now blind.  The heart patient needed to exercise his heart and was given specific instructions by his doctor to get out of bed each morning and walk around the room.  So each morning around 10:45, the heart patient would painfully rise from his bed and walk around the room.  As soon as the  blind roommate heard him up he would ask, "Could you please look out our window and tell me what you see."

The heart patient would slowly walk to the window, pull back the blinds and gaze out the window.  After a few minutes of looking outside, he would begin to relate all the sights he saw outside.  He would describe the birds in the air and animals he saw on the ground.  Then to the delight of his roommate, he would talk about the people he saw walking down the street entering and exiting the various buildings on the street.

One day the heart patient noticed a young man who came outside to eat his lunch in the park.  He sat by a beautiful water fountain not far from an attractive young lady who was also eating her lunch near the fountain.

As the days went on, it seemed the young man sat a little closer to the woman and it was obvious she noticed.  They soon engaged in conversations and often times they'd share bites of their lunches.  From what the heart patient observed, this man and woman were definitely forming a relationship.  Perhaps this couple might fall in love, get married, and enjoy a wonderful life together thought the blind man.
Unexpectedly one night, the heart patient died. His personal possessions were quickly gathered up and removed from the room.  The next morning a new patient with a broken arm was brought in.

As lunch time neared, the blind man asked his new roommate if he would go to the window and describe the events taking place outside.  He particularly wanted to know if the young couple was having lunch by the fountain.  The new roommate jumped out of bed and briskly walked over to the window.  He pulled the blinds back and starred for several seconds then began to laugh uncontrollably.

"Why are you laughing?" asked the blind man. 
"Because you asked me what was going on outside our window.  Our window faces the back side of another building and there is nothing but a solid wall of bricks.  I assure you there is absolutely nothing of interest for you outside our window."